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    Advantage Business Systems was established in 1974. Manual accounting systems, filing products and computerized healthcare billing were our products and services.   Dave Joslyn and LeeAnne Backman, the owners, are very active in the daily operations.  Dave joined the company in 1977 and became an owner in 1981. LeeAnne joined the company in 1985. At this time that PC's became readily available to the public.  As technology changed we changed our line of products.  We joined with several software companies, designing and supplying forms to work with their products.  This allowed us to grow, serving customers in all 50 states and Canada. With the evolution of laser and inkjet printers, we again designed products to fit those needs.

     We understand the needs of healthcare professionals and small businesses; when you contact our company your call will almost always be answered in person by one of our knowledgeable associates who can quickly and professionally take care of your requests.  When you call to place an order, we can tell you the date and quantity of your last order within seconds.  We also offer a reorder service based on your usage of specific products.  We will fax you a reminder to check your inventory with an option to reorder, remind you at a later date or alert us that you are no longer using that product.

     Through all of the changes in technology and products one thing has remained consistent - our dedication to customer service. Our customers remain loyal because of our outstanding service and superior products.  We realize that you, the customer, are the reason we are successful and work hard to let you know how much we value and appreciate your business.

If you're not completely satisfied with our products and our service,
we'll refund your money!
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